New UI – layout concept

Early UI layout draft

Early UI layout concept (colors used for functional overview)

Moving UI away from Win forms towards Windows Presentation Foundation is also good chance to review current design and mitigate some of the issues. I decided to use the top-down approach: start with the overall layout and end on designing single controls. Above you can see the first – most general concept of new UI layout. The biggest changes are:

  • Moving the sound parameter controls from right interface ares to bottom
    The initial idea was based on 3d studio max UI. It works fine with graphics, however for sound engineering it’s more natural to have the controls on the bottom of the screen – just like the musical console. The top preview could then correspond to concert hall or studio room :)
  • Getting rid of ‘Advanced’ button
    I never liked this guy – unintuitive, confusing and too hard to discover. The only reason why it was there was not to scare the inexperienced users with flood of various parameters. Now I’m going to show all the stuff up front and achieve the piece of mind by more intelligent design.
  • Spectrum: table & graph shown on the same page
    I found myself often switching between those two views: table to select the proper harmonic (especially if there were bunch of them) and graph in order to get the insight into details. Now we’re going to have both at one glance. It should be possible to move the border between them in order to get the desired proportions.

Please comment if you have more request. Now I’m going to model it in the WPF XAML code and figure out if it looks as good in the real project.

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