Trippy Inverter

Have you ever experienced this strange feeling when watching photos that you took last night during all-night-long acid trip? Suddenly you realize that the Eskimo you were talking to for couple hours is just a toilet seat. And the amazing cocktail you were sipping consists mostly of herbal shampoo with vodka and glass cleaner. I know how it feels like. But fear not – it’s just the logical part of your brain trying to trick you. This app will help you release psychedelia hidden in the photos and show everyone how it REALLY was. Stay away from “Trippy Inverter“!

This is a quick Windows Phone 7 application for image processing. Whole project took 1 day, half of which was setting up the dev environment. Main goal was to figure out the WP7 release process & collect stats – in case I’d like to make a more serious app.

You can also check that out from various download sites.

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