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Falasol Timbre 1.2

(codename: in your phase)

Falasol 1.2 is out. After UI revolution finally there is time for new features to shine. And there is performance improvement as well :)

Side-by-side UI comparison (click for full sizes):

Falasol 1.1

Falasol 1.1

Falasol 1.2 screenshot

Falasol 1.2

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C# benchmark of 2^x optimizations

As promised last week I’m going to compare three methods of optimizing 2 ^ x calculation:

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2^x optimization for double type

Signal processing often requires moving between logarithmic & linear domains. In audio area we can talk about Octaves (logarithmic representation) and Frequencies (linear representation). Octave -> Frequency conversion corresponds to transformation x = 2 ^ x.

Most programming languages provide support for such calculation, for example Pow(a, b) in C#.
Those functions however tend to be time consuming. We can take advantage of the fact that in our case a = const = 2 and optimize the calculation.
Let’s start with equation:

a ^ ( b + c ) = a ^ b * a ^ c

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Falasol is 1 year old

Yes, it has been 1 year since first release of Falasol. Time to stop for a second and take a look around: where it all has begun, how far has it gone by now and – what’s most exciting – where it’s heading.

Audio Engineering – research & innovate

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Falasol Timbre 1.0.2

(codename: Diesel Power)

Falasol’s engine has evolved!

This version introduces drastic performance optimization (both for speed & memory consumption). Those can be experienced especially on complex sounds (confirmed up to 3x faster sound generation with even more than 10x less memory on Shepard’s tone).

To bring some light on what has changed, let’s take a look at the Falasol’s architectural modules:


Falasol's modular architecture

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