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The Phantom of the Project

Those happy times, future was bright
Great presentations, sounds of applause
Lively discussions, everyone’s right
Drawing diagrams was so much fun

Now you are screwed with shitty design
Layers of crap with ain’t no plan
Frickin’ solution that just won’t scale
Countless regressions and no one care


Bit Bang

Darling, would you merge your code with mine?
Your recurrence overflows my mind!

Let’s go crazy without breakpoints
Strings like yours is all that geek wants

Check my bigint, in a while…
We’ll have private double func

In library
At run time
Let’s join threads and override
With your 0 and my 1
We’ll ignite a great bit bang!


Darkest of Evenings

On darkest of evenings
I’m staying alone
Searching past events
I know you won’t come

For life within objects
I’m speaking the code
Dreaming of structures
Building dead world

Through darkness of evening
I’m praying alone
Oh please come and teach me
The syntax of love


Another line of code

We don’t need no documentation
We don’t need no source control
No dark sarcasm in the conf-room
Hey! PMs! Leave them devs alone!
All in all it’s just another line of dumb code
All in all you’re just another line of damn code


Dead code

at the end of loop
numbers fade to gloom
no paths left to execute
life returns value null