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Morning time-bomb

Winter wake up plan

Morning time-bomb

Morning time-bomb

This setup was on my mind since I was a kid. But it was recently when I found the missing device to make it happen. Couldn’t believe when I saw it on the shelf at my usual shopping market: THE POWER STRIP TIMER.

So here it is: my geek’s dream wake-up scenario!

  1. Evening
    • Set-up the turntable with an LP to be played in the morning
      Can be classical Vivaldi’s Four seasons, jazzy Amy Winehouse, Sabaton‘s battle-metal, chilled out Air, Fink Flooyd‘s psychedelia, dark vibes of Black Sabbath or what have you…
    • Start a quiet playlist from the laptop for good night via surrounding 5.1 speaker system
      Before falling asleep I usually have some wine & read a book in bed for a while. It’s nice to have something playing in the background. Happened few times that a song was able to ‘incept’ a cool dream :)
  2. When sleeping

    The scheduled task on the laptop stops the lullaby music around 1.30 – 2 o’clock. REM sleep phase is better with as little outside stimulus as possible.

  3. Morning

    7.30 – power cord timer kicks in

    • Sun-imitating lamp gently warms up
    • Vinyl gets a spin – for an extra kick the turntable is connected directly to amplifier =:]
    • After soaking up the music for a couple of minutes ain’t nothing gonna break my stride!

The LP usually finish about the time I leave. Automatic timer turns-off the lamp & turntable few minutes after.

How cool is that! :D