Site officially pimped

I admit it: this site used to look ugly!

…but now it’s totally different story :P

To give all the credits, the engine underneath is WordPress. By default it comes with 2 default themes, but you can download more of user created designs from the site.

This was the template I used as a base for initial version:

Sunset theme screenshot

Sunset theme screenshot

Back then I had no experience with php and hadn’t written any HTML code since 2 years, so I thought I better start with something which has layout and colors similar to what I’d like to achieve.

After 3 weeks of figuring things out, when the site was launched it looked just like this:

Old falasol site

Old falasol site

Yes, quite amateurish, but I was so happy that I finally made it out! I really liked the “simplicity and dark mood”… – and this is why you should always seek for others opinion about what you’ve just made :)

The feedback was like a cold shower, but I really needed it. Since then, those who were visiting the site could see me trying different design tricks, but constantly moving forward and reviewing what was done. So here I’m back after 2 months and officially claim the site pimping process completed! (just in case you clicked on the old skin link, here is your way back to the future: Of course from time to time there will be some graphic changes, but the main focus will be on the application again.

So let’s take a quick tour around things I’ve changed and am really proud of.

New design highlights

Art Nouveau corners

Art Nouveau corner

Art Nouveau corner

This is my most-liked style. Golden age of Absinthe (which makes my preferred drink as well as favorite color). Time of fascination with nature design,  but also invention of combustion engine. Flourish of Young Poland and minds not daring to imagine the incoming World Wars. Also the predecessor of all the psychedelic arts. Lots of good stuff!

I’d like to believe the design brings some of that vintage feeling.

Vista gradient bars

Green vista gradient

Green Vista gradient

Comment bar

Comment bar

This is the modern shiny side of Falasol. Gradients are one of the best UI inventions all time! Just different coloring, but can totally change the perception.

Aged edge

Aged edge

Aged edge

Ever experienced the goose-bumps when reading old scrolls or finding one of those torn half-burned maps with a red cross-mark? That’s what is all about – mysterious knowledge of the ancients and a brand new adventure!
Note for the geeks: in order to avoid too periodic repetitions, I actually used 2 layers of images of different prime number sizes (taking advantage of transparency).


Discrete stars

Discrete stars (there are more on top of the site)

Those bright pixels on the dark sky texture were always inspiration for all kind of weirdos – poets, romantics, theoretical physicist, philosophers… now you can add one more: geeks ;)
I guess beside cool look, they bring some space and brighten up a bit the ‘dark mood’. I hope you’ll like them too.
One song cross my mind when thinking of clear night sky:

Good night!

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  1. By Margaret on August 1, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    Do you really think it’s better now?:)
    Ok, it is. But you could could do sth more….

    By koshik on August 3rd, 2009 at 11:20 am

    Hmmm… could you be more specific?
    (point out which area to improve or what’s wrong?)