Falasol Timbre 1.2

(codename: in your phase)

Falasol 1.2 is out. After UI revolution finally there is time for new features to shine. And there is performance improvement as well :)

Side-by-side UI comparison (click for full sizes):

Falasol 1.1

Falasol 1.1

Falasol 1.2 screenshot

Falasol 1.2

New features:
  • Wave modelling parameters:
    • Phase shift
    • Skew – for sawtooth shapes
    • Center – move the oscialltor center up or down to model blip effects
    • Rnd – random amplitude drop
  • Customizable Vibrato & Tremolo shapes (with applicable noise)
  • Envelope keypoints volume settings. You are no longer limited to ADSR model.
  • These go to 11“: See what happen when you cross the magic boundary of 100% volume! (besides the graph going red :)
UI improvements:
  • New combined spectrum waveshape graphs – preview the final wave on the ‘oscilloscope’ visualizations (one is visible on the screenshot above)
  • More interactions with spinner controls (see help for details)

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