Falasol Timbre 1.1.0

(codename: omg wpf bbq)

I’m glad to announce Falasol 1.1.0 release – with brand new shiny WPF UI!

What started as a basic WinForms -> WPF conversion, ended up as a total interface redesign. Besides introducing new custom spinner controls, I rearranged the overall layout to make it look like a professional audio console:

Old Envelope Screenshot (Falasol 1.0.2)

Old Screenshot (Falasol 1.0.2)

New Envelope Screenshot (Falasol 1.1.0)

New Screenshot (Falasol 1.1.0)

It’s not only about coolness factor (though it’s important too! ;) but mostly: usability & experience – making your life easier and getting things done faster. I believe this release marks a milestone of Falasol project development. Here it leaves the toddler phase behind and becomes a true kindergarten rebel!

Proceed to download page…

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