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Falasol Timbre 1.2

(codename: in your phase)

Falasol 1.2 is out. After UI revolution finally there is time for new features to shine. And there is performance improvement as well :)

Side-by-side UI comparison (click for full sizes):

Falasol 1.1

Falasol 1.1

Falasol 1.2 screenshot

Falasol 1.2

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Falasol Timbre 1.1.0 sp1

A small but important update to the version 1.1.0.
Bugs fixed:

  • App won’t run on WinXP (OS not supporting 256*256 ico format)
  • Crash when holding F6 key for a while (threading bug)

This update was possible because of Johnny Pumphandle who found and reported the above issues. I salute you!
I’d especially like to recommend his MusicByComputer blog:

For those of you who see any bugs or just would like to share some thoughts on the project – don’t be shy!
Please post comments or ping me via mail

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Falasol Timbre 1.1.0

(codename: omg wpf bbq)

I’m glad to announce Falasol 1.1.0 release – with brand new shiny WPF UI!

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Falasol Timbre 1.0.2

(codename: Diesel Power)

Falasol’s engine has evolved!

This version introduces drastic performance optimization (both for speed & memory consumption). Those can be experienced especially on complex sounds (confirmed up to 3x faster sound generation with even more than 10x less memory on Shepard’s tone).

To bring some light on what has changed, let’s take a look at the Falasol’s architectural modules:


Falasol's modular architecture

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Falasol Timbre 1.0.1

(codename: Swine flew high)

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Falasol – it’s on!

Falasol Timbre 1.0.0

(codename: World Crisis)

I’m glad to announce the official premiere of Falasol Timbre editor.
The application is result of my audio research hobby, but also a tool that enables more exploration.
This software is free to use, however I’d like to ask you for some feedback in return. It’s a quite young initiative so all comments will be appreciated.

Whole project was developed for around 7 months (though the idea is much older). Almost half of that time was spent for creating the website and documentation + tool investigation -this should get better in the future.
And of course the next versions are planned :)

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