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Experiments: Pitch perception

Natural or instrumental sounds usually consist of complex harmonic structure. In this post I’ll try to explore basics of human pitch perception.

According to wikipedia: “Pitch represents the perceived fundamental frequency of a sound”. Let’s try to validate it on a simple example – sample consisting of 4 harmonics – integer multiples of 440Hz: 440Hz, 880Hz, 1320Hz, 1760Hz. Below you can find a recording of the sample repeated four times, each time followed by a single successive harmonic:

Sound followed by each of 4 harmonics

Sound followed by each of 4 harmonics

4 harmonics (Timbre file – pitch 440 with 4 harmonics) …read more >>

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Experiments: slur vs. cross-fade

There are several ways of moving smoothly from one tone to the other. Today we are going to compare the two most common: slurring and cross-fading.


Gliding over the notes smoothly (sliding the tone).

Guitar slide

Guitar slide

…

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Experiments: kick off

Welcome to Falasol Experiments series.

Here we’ll try to take the application to the limits and try to answer some intriguing questions related to the nature of sound.

…