Monthly archive of May, 2009

Experiments: kick off

Welcome to Falasol Experiments series.

Here we’ll try to take the application to the limits and try to answer some intriguing questions related to the nature of sound.

…


Falasol – it’s on!

Falasol Timbre 1.0.0

(codename: World Crisis)

I’m glad to announce the official premiere of Falasol Timbre editor.
The application is result of my audio research hobby, but also a tool that enables more exploration.
This software is free to use, however I’d like to ask you for some feedback in return. It’s a quite young initiative so all comments will be appreciated.

Whole project was developed for around 7 months (though the idea is much older). Almost half of that time was spent for creating the website and documentation + tool investigation -this should get better in the future.
And of course the next versions are planned :)

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